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"The entire way back to PETA’s Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters, I sobbed, petting the infant cat in my lap, telling her things would all be OK, even though in my gut I knew it wouldn’t, that she never really had a chance. I even began plotting out how I might take a detour and deliver her to a rehabber instead. But how could I explain a missing kitten to the woman waiting with the needle? I couldn’t, so I complied without a word."

If it were me, the woman waiting with the needle would have been waiting until h*** froze over and that little one was still cozy in my lap. At my house. PETA is evil. Would this employee be just as obedient to a ridiculous organization if it were a human child? Sometimes you just have to stop and think for yourself. And then refuse to do the job.

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Will share and share -- I was hoping PETA changed for the better -- clearly, the opposite is true -- they're still a slaughterhouse -- what's wrong with PETA?

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Ugh I know. My late mother of blessed memory was a big fan of them. PETA magazines everywhere. When I started telling her what they were really about (she died of Alzheimer's in 2020), she was shocked and just couldn't accept it. How could these nice people who care so much about animals actually do things like that?? But my late father was not fooled. However, he wisely kept silent around mom... But he didn't donate to them either. He just took care of our kitties and adopted needy kitties... My cats are now 15 years old and they used to be my late parents' cats. There are three of them: Daisy, Toni and Willow (all healthy!) and they live with my 16 year old Jasmine Kitty (also very healthy!)

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