Sep 25, 2021 • 12M

This Week in Animal Protection (Audio)

News and headlines for September 13 - September 24, 2021

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Nathan J. Winograd
For full episodes, visit The 90% nationwide decline in shelter killing has been called “the single greatest success of the modern animal protection movement.” Join attorney, journalist, No Kill pioneer, and award-winning writer Nathan Winograd, who was at the center of that success — including creating the first No Kill community in the United States — on “This Week in Animal Protection.” Nathan and Jennifer, his wife and co-author, discuss animal sheltering, veganism, wildlife protection, companion animals issues, and more. Informative, engaging, and untethered from corporate “animal welfare” interests, they cover crucial issues in animal rights that no one else is talking about in ways that no one else is talking about them.
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A staff member at the Philadelphia, PA, pound broke Saint’s jaw, the director refused to treat him, and then ordered him killed despite his family coming to get him. It is not the only neglect and abuse that has been reported there. And yet the director wants you to believe that she is the real victim.

Matthew’s Law in Arizona allows people to enter an e…

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