Your story about the squirrel reminds me of the book, IF YOU FEED A MOUSE A COOKIE, but your book would be IF YOU FEED A SQUIRREL A GRAPE.

I have read your articles & books for many years. I remember a story you told about your wife (hope I remember correctly…) when you told her there were not enough families to adopt all the stray dogs & cats, she replied something to the effect of “….how do you know? Have you asked all of them?” I frequently think of that.

Since your recent Friday articles have been infuriating, sad, anger-inducing, and generally overwhelming and impotent, I find myself reverting to my frequent emotional feeling/thought: I really hate humans.

I can usually logically talk myself into a different direction by remembering that humans are also the ones who can save, rescue, and positively alter the cruelty and direction of life for non-humans (insects, birds, any life that is not human). it does take effort and the positivity must be continually refreshed. i think much of the struggle to think positively about human beings is because for many years, i was a practicing psychology therapist whose primary clients were alcoholics and other addicts, and also perpetrators and victims. Many days, it is hard to remember that many human beings can choose change and stop their cruel behaviors towards other sentient or living creatures.

I am awed by the optimism you & your wife have after your many years of animal rescue. Except for having to deal with depraved human behavior, i sort of wish you were still prosecuting the abuse/cruelty cases since you probably had high conviction rate to stop and slow down the cruelty that keeps coming.

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Thank you. IF ONLY....I detest these glue traps and all cruel trapping; etc.

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