Every animal I've ever adopted had "behavioral issues" and only one needed work. Most issues magically disappeared when they were cared for in a patient and loving home. I hate the graphic images but we need to see them to understand what should never happen behind closed doors.

Thank you for doing the hard work.

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Thank you Nathan for sharing this!!!

“Cal Animals”.

The phony “California Animal Welfare Association” has pretty much succeeded in consolidating its power with nearly every shelter in California along with many of the the “big box” national animal organizations - to destroy any hope of progress for homeless animals.

They are probably extra proud of themselves these days-- maybe even high fiving and back slapping themselves after they killed “Bowies” bill a few months ago. This was a life saving bill that would have required shelters to give 72hr before KILLING ADOPTABLE puppies, dogs, kittens and cats!! After a puppy named Bowie was “accidentally” killed. Something that happens almost daily in California.

Oh... do people know this is an organization you can not join unless you are “vetted” and approved, and agree with their policies. With references from shelters! THAT WAY - THEY HAVE NO DISSENTING OR CONTRASTING VIEWS !

This is a worthless and harmful non profit that is responsible in part California’s HORRIFIC sheltering situation.

They spend their time and resources LOBBYING against progress for homeless and abandoned animals in California.

That is their mission.

I am one of the plaintiffs in this case against LA County. It was a 3 to ZERO ruling in the published ruling by the Circuit Court of Appeals !

This a waste of resources on their part, and a classic example of their POWER driven agenda. Where they think they are above the law- and killing shelter animals should continue and they know best.

Can you even think of a more worthless and damaging organization? I can’t.

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What is happening in CA that animal haters & abusers are in charge and have so much power? Of course, i am sure that pathological mindset is in other states as well. I know it must be here in Texas in abundance. It would have to be since our sadistic governor also sets up situations to increase killing of people.

On another note, I want to pay for subscription for friend. If I buy her No-Kill membership, can she read all your Substack as well?

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Rereading this AGAIN is STILL heartbreaking -- Right now, what do we do about California Animal Welfare Association AND County of Los Angeles? - how do we change their minds? -- for the future? -- we write them? -- call them? --- what is our strategy for the future?

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